A Story of Age Defying Science from the Natural Powers of Tea

Fresh is known for its botanical beauty products that combines the best natural ingredience with cutting edge science. The Black Tea line is especially developed to leverage powerful anti-oxident benefits of tea to delay the ravage of time. With a new mask in the Black Tea family coming on the market, Fresh needed a creative solution that would bring awareness to this new product. We came up with a digital campaign that speaks to the unique science and the historic origin of Fresh's proprietary extracts to educate and inspire a new beauty routine.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • User Experience
  • Video Storyboarding
  • Video Art Direction

A Night Time Treat

The new mask is designed to be worn at night. A distinct usage behavior that is different from the brand's many exsisting day time masks. To effectively tell this story of renewal, we worked with Fresh's Creative Director to create this 30 second video that highlighted the usage and benefit of the overnight mask.


For the retail website, we designed an interactive digital experience that let the users discover the line's effectiveness supported by research data, ending with the full product range in detailed explanation that are instantly shoppable.


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