An multimedia sales center was created to showcase membership benefits. In this room, we created acrylic floor models of the hotels the members had access to. A touch screen lights up the corresponding model room.


Working with our design partner, Seventh Art, we developed an identity that was both suited up and fun.

To set the tone of the Club's visual direction, I invited Your Majesty to create a brand video.


For our sales team on the road, I designed and developed the front end of a mobile sales app that runs on iPads.

wc-app1.jpg wc-app2.jpg WillowClub-1.jpg

Branded sales kit.


Each member received a fully bounded membership guide at signing. The membership guide is a three ring binder bounded in embossed crocodile print.

Print-Ad.jpg SideOfBoat_0558.jpg Champagne_1977.jpg OutWindow_0618.jpg Willow_Club_FeetDangle_0748.jpg MG_0359.jpg Willow_Club_Chase_2139.jpg

How much does it cost to watch the Knicks play from a private box at the Madison square garden? Or to charter a private yacht for a sunset cruise? Or to take a Shelby Cobra for a spin over the brooklyn bridge? These things were on the minds of the Willow Club founders.

The founders created a membership club that made these unaccessible dreams very real. For those who can part with 25k, they receive a lifetime membership to all the above perks and more.


As the creative director, I set a vision that married exclusivity with accessibility. I lead a team of partner agencies to develop the brand to be intelligent, tailored and sexy.

Sales Center

We created a state-of-the-art member’s center that’s accessible through a hidden door from a cocktail bar. The sales staff lead the potential members through a journey that included a floor-to-ceiling digital display with a 3D map of New York City where each of the city perks pop up on the screen.

Sales Apps

To ensure the brand experience was consistent for the traveling sales team, I designed and built a sales app for iPads. In addition to showing the member amenities, a points calculator allowed the potential members to find out what their sweet spot membership level would be.

Brand Photos

To ensure visual consistency, we created branded photography to illustrate the membership lifestyle and also to showcase the hospitality benefits. I produced and art directed all the shoots.

Date: 2011 Location: New York Client: Willow Club Skills: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design